NCWRC Approves Coyote Night Hunting

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) has approved the night hunting of coyotes and feral swine. The approved rule next goes to the Rules Review Commission (RRC) on 21 June 2012 for review. If the RRC makes any significant changes in the rule's language, it goes back to the WRC for review. Any subsequent changes in language would require the proposal be re-opened for public comment.

If the RRC approves the rule as presented, it then goes to the North Carolina State Legislature for approval. The Red Wolf Coalition can delay the effective date of this rule by submitting ten (10) letters of objection to the RRC. The Coalition already has ten letters ready to go and will ensure they are received at the RRC by the deadline date.

Assuming the RRC receives and accepts the ten objection letters, the rule will be suspended until it can be reviewed by the State Legislature sometime during the January 2013 session.

Please contact RWC Executive Director Kim Wheeler with any questions about this issue.