Red Wolf Coalition Headlines

The Red Wolf Coalition advocates for the long-term survival of red wolf populations by teaching about the red wolf
and by fostering public involvement in red wolf conservation.


RWC Action Alert

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is under intense pressure from anti-wolf forces to walk away from its red wolf recovery efforts. It is essential that we step up and speak out in support of the red wolf, an animal that belongs to everyone in this country.

PLEASE help us walk the long walk for red wolves by sending a LETTER in support of the Red Wolf Recovery Program! A 60-day program review is currently underway, and the decision about the future of the recovery program will come in October 2014. The USFWS Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta and the USFWS Director in Washington DC need to know that the red wolf has legions of supporters.

Please see the Red Wolf Coalition Action Alert for more information and for instructions on sending your letter of support.

Red Wolf Coalition Headlines

  • Chicago Tribune Addresses Red Wolf Conservation (8/25/2014) - Proving once again that red wolf conservation is not “just a North Carolina issue,” the Chicago Tribune recently published “Endangered Red Wolves Face Uncertain Future.” See the video story at … Continue reading
  • Red Wolves in “National Wildlife” Magazine (8/13/2014) - National Wildlife, the official online publication of the National Wildlife Federation, has published “Saving the Red Wolf.” The article provides a good overview of the efforts to conserve red wolves and the threats they face in their only wild habitat … Continue reading
  • Red Wolf Education Center a “Best-Kept Secret” (7/30/2014) - The Raleigh News and Observer has included the Red Wolf Education Center as one of the state’s “best-kept” secrets. The facility, located in Tyrell County, North Carolina, is listed among several of the most interesting spots to visit on the … Continue reading


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