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General Fund Donations

Red wolves have gained a foothold in the wild, but the support of the public is desperately needed to ensure their continued survival. One way you can help is to support the Red Wolf Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting red wolf recovery through education, outreach, and research. The Red Wolf Coalition also works closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Red Wolf Recovery Program and various captive breeding centers and other organizations to expand its outreach potential.

The Coalition maintains a year-round presence in red wolf country, with a full-time employee and an office in Columbia, North Carolina. To continue to do so, the Coalition requires financial support to pay rent, utilities, a full-time salary, travel—all of the costs associated with a growing non-profit.

In short, the future of the red wolf is in our hands. Your general fund donation can help us maintain our presence in northeastern North Carolina.

How to Donate

The Red Wolf Coalition no longer accepts donations via Amazon Simple Pay. However, we do accept online donations via mightycause, our brand-new fundraising partner. Please click the mightycause button below to go to our online fundraising homepage.

Support the Red Wolf Coalition on mightycause!

If you would prefer to pay via mail, please download our Donation Form, complete it and send it with your donation to the RWC office in Columbia. You can also call the RWC office at 252.796.5600, or email, to complete your donation.