NC Legislators Voice Concerns to USFWS

Twenty-seven North Carolina legislators, led by Representative Pricey Harrison, detailed in a letter to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service their concerns regarding the red wolf recovery program. The letter outlines several problems in the Service’s recent conduct of the program, including:

  • the Service’s refusal to control coyote hunting in the recovery area, and the subsequent loss of red wolves to gunshot;
  • the Service’s decisions to eliminate its red wolf recovery coordinator position and to re-direct red wolf staff to other programs;
  • the Service’s decision to halt several successful management programs, including hybridization control, pup fostering, wild red wolf introductions and red wolf education and outreach efforts.

The letter goes on to note other Service failures, ranging from its inability to prosecute a single person in response to 17 gunshot mortalities to the long delays in program review and revision.

Finally, the legislators suggest that the Service resume successful management activities and that it immediately begin to act on the recommendations of a 2014 consultant’s review that found the red wolf recovery program to be capable of success given the necessary federal resources.

Read the letter here.