November 2022 Photo Exhibit

Ken Cherry, who owns the beautiful Southern Dreams Gallery across the street from the RWC office in Columbia, North Carolina, has offered us the opportunity to use that space for a photo exhibit. There are so many excellent photographers in northeastern NC, both amateur and professional, showcasing their work on social media now, so this will be your chance to visit us in Columbia and to view a lot of wonderful photos.

This exciting event will be held November 4-5, 2022 in the heart of red wolf country. All are welcome to showcase their work and to meet fellow photographers.

Photography is an important tool in conservation work and we are excited to highlight the many images that capture the beauty and biodiversity of our unique and special region.

Many thanks to Southern Dreams Gallery for agreeing to host this event.

Southern Dreams Gallery, Columbia NC

More information and details will follow soon. Please be sure to mark your calendars, set the dates aside, and share this news!