Public Comments on Proposed Red Wolf Rule Due 24 July 2017!

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is accepting public comments regarding the future management of the red wolf and of red wolf habitat. Information about the agency’s proposal can be found here:

Nonessential Experimental Population of Red Wolves (Canis rufus) in North Carolina

The Red Wolf Coalition has developed a “Commenter’s Guide” to help you prepare your comments; please download it using the link below:

RWC Commenter’s Guide

These guidelines are provided only to help organize your thoughts. We highly recommend that your letter reflect your personal interest in, and knowledge of, red wolves. The USFWS will place a premium on informed, sincere letters clearly written by individuals, and will generally disregard “spam” letters that merely repeat generic information.

Please remember that your comment letter must arrive at the USFWS headquarters in Washington DC no later than Monday, 24 July 2017.

Mailing instructions are included in theCommenter’s Guide.

If you would prefer to send an electronic comment to USFWS, please begin with the URL below:

To start your comment, simply click the green SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT button at the top of that page.

Finally, please contact the Red Wolf Coalition at with any questions, comments or concerns. You are also welcome to email us a copy of your comments.

And finally—thanks as always for your support and your advocacy!