RWC Awards 2021 Scholarships

The Red Wolf Coalition is proud to announce the two winners of the Red Wolf Coalition 2021 academic scholarships! Both Maura Peaden and Carson Roughton are “fifth-year” seniors at Columbia High School in Columbia, NC—the heart of red wolf country and the beautiful town where our office is located. “Fifth-Year” seniors have taken community college courses (concurrent with their high school classes) through an innovative program sponsored by Beaufort Community College. Maura and Carson will graduate from Columbia High School with associate degrees! The RWC scholarships will be applied at East Carolina University, the college destination for both of these outstanding young people.

I am currently a senior at Columbia High School in Columbia, NC. I am originally from Falkland, NC, but I have been living in Columbia for five years. I plan on attending East Carolina University in the fall to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. My favorite ways to pass time are to sing and spend time with my friends and family. Everything I have accomplished up until this point would not have been possible without my mom, my dad, my brothers, and my friends.
I live in Columbia, North Carolina and am currently 19 years old. I have many hobbies such as basketball, fishing, and video games. I was a member of the marching band at Columbia for six years, and I currently play saxophone every Sunday for my church. I plan to continue my education at ECU, and major in Information Technology.