RWC Mini-Grant Program


What is the RWC Mini-Grant Program?
The Red Wolf Coalition (RWC) will fund a number of mini-grants to support Red Wolf conservation programs undertaken by American Red Wolf SAFE member zoos and animal facilities. Programs involving partnerships between two or more facilities are invited and encouraged.

Who can apply?
Any zoo or animal facility that is a holder of Red Wolves and part of the American Red Wolf SAFE program is eligible to apply for a RWC mini-grant—it is no longer required that the facility also be a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The only exceptions to the above are the North Carolina Zoological Park and the Durham Museum of Life and Science, as personnel associated with those two institutions also sit on the Red Wolf Coalition Board of Directors. However, NCZP and DMLS may be included as partnership institutions, as long as a different organization is the "lead" for the program.

What are the funding limits?
Grants are funded at a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $1000. Funds must be spent on personnel, equipment, travel or other activities directly related to the program.

What sorts of programs will be funded?
In general, programs must support Red Wolf conservation. Specific examples include programs focused on outreach education, animal health and nutrition, staff development and general husbandry. The RWC encourages programs that can ultimately demonstrate positive impacts on Red Wolves and Red Wolf conservation.

What programs have been funded so far?
The following proposals have already been funded:

  • Endangered Wolf Center - Wildlife Handling Course and Red Wolf Husbandry Annual Meeting - $1000
  • Point Defiance Zoo Society - Female Red Wolf Estrus Monitoring - $1000
  • Land Between the Lakes - Red Wolf Enclosure Rehab and Replacement - $425
  • Binghamton Zoo - Red Wolf Den Box Construction - $525
  • Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center - Red Wolf Enclosure Expansion - $1000

What is the timeline?
Important dates and deadlines are listed below:

  • There is no application deadline; applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and decisions about those applications will be made on an ongoing basis. Programs will be funded until RWC resources for this program are exhausted;
  • Funding decisions on each application will be made no more than 30 days after the application is received at RWC;
  • Applicants receiving funds will have one year to complete their programs;
  • Applicants receiving funds must file an impact report with RWC no more than 30 days after the program is completed.

How do I apply?
Please use the RWC Mini-Grant Program Application. Please note that we will not accept applications by surface mail, by email, by FAX or by telephone. If this presents a hardship, please contact Kim Wheeler at RWC.