Upcoming Webinar – Red Wolves Rediscovered

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The Wolf Conservation Center is offering a special (and free) webinar with Dr. Kristin Brzeski on the history of red wolf conservation and what the recent discovery of red wolf ancestry along the Gulf Coast means for future conservation actions. The program will include a brief discussion of red wolf taxonomy, including implications of a recent red wolf taxonomic review that found them to be a unique species. Dr. Brzeski will also touch on her research addressing red wolf/coyote hybridization and how the rediscovery of red wolf ancestry in coyotes in Texas and Louisiana reshapes our view of hybridization between the species.

The free webinar will be offered on May 15, 2019 at 6 pm EST.

For information/registration, please follow this link: https://nywolf.org/free-webinar-red-wolves-rediscovered-a-discussion-about-red-wolf-ancestry-along-the-gulf-coast/

Upon registration, registrants will receive a webinar participation link in a confirmation email.