More Love and Support for the Reds!

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Wear for Wild ( was created to raise money for wildlife conservation organizations through the sales of its products. The Wear for Wild mission is to support wildlife conservation and raise awareness for endangered species.

Wear for Wild recently added Red Wolf Coalition to the list of organizations it supports. Other organizations include:

  • Save the Manatee Club
  • International Rhino Foundation
  • The Orangutan Project
  • Orca Conservancy

There are three pages of red wolf wearables, phone covers, mugs and other unique items featured on the Wear for Wild website:

AND LOOK AT THIS! 100% of net profits from items purchased from this collection are donated to the Red Wolf Coalition!

Finally, check out Wear for Wild's FaceBook page. You will see the Red Wolf Coalition's FaceBook posts being shared, which means that news and updates about red wolves reach yet another audience.

As always, thanks for supporting the Coalition and the red wolf!